Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Monday.

Here are a few more pictures of recent crafts. My Myriah wanted some arm warmers and these are what we came up with. They are made from felted sweater sleeves with the skulls needle felted. They turned out so cute and were simple because they only needed to be sized to her arms. Of course Miss Emily needs some now so thats on my to do list.

viv out on a whim: easter egg hunt swap!!

viv out on a whim: easter egg hunt swap!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Okay - It's going take a bit to learn how to post the way I want to. Here are a few more photos. The green cashmere birdie was made from a felted sweater and is hanging from my review mirror in the Jeep. The little doll and dog are my first attempts at needle felting- I love it! The craft room is now upstairs and it makes me so happy to be able to walk down the hall and make something, anything. For my birthday I got a sewing machine and I am so happy with it! It's amazing, I have never had a sewing machine that didn't fight with me. This one is a pleasure to work with and I am hoping to increase my sewing skills and make more projects that include the machine. The airplane was made recently for my favorite little man, William. He is the sweetest baby and so good. It's a challenge for me to make boy "stuff" but I have enjoyed it. The table is an end table I found for $12. I love the shape but the top needed a makeover. I used the contact paper photo transfer technique and it still needs some a few more coats of sealer on top.

Do Over!

Let's try this again! Last year was challenging both physically and creatively. Luckily I had all the wonderful craft blogs to look at and give me inspiration. Thank you! This year I would like to be more involved with my blog and would love to participate in some swaps. I am going to try and put photos of crafts that I have done lately and will try to catch up on events and family photos as well! This year we have two new additions to our home, Sophie and Pedro. Sophie is my little Yorkie that will be one on March 17th and Pedro is a Latino Cockatiel friend for Lola. Here are some photos of crafts that were finished lately.