Sunday, February 22, 2009


I did make time today to make a few burp clothes. I have wanted to try these for awhile but I think I have been afraid to use the sewing machine too much. Silly? Perhaps, but I have always wanted to sew but have always had so many problems. With this new sewing machine, I can sew!! No problems! Love it!

Week in Review

This week was nuts. My brother Mike flew in last Tuesday, trouble at work, Bob(Bro #2) came to town on Thursday, Em had an illness, and did I mention that work was stressful? I don't feel like I spent near enough time with my bothers, the house is a mess, and the weekend is over and I am exhausted. Whah, whah, whah. Let's start that again.
This week was crazy! I am so glad I have had a few days to spend with my whole family. We have had a lot of QT time and I was even able to make it to a Mardi-Gras party with some great food.
Today, Mike, Emily and I made a fairy house. We have been wanting to make one for awhile and today was the day. Here is a few pictures:

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Crazy Week

This week has been insane. But... that's okay because it is over! Yay! I joined another SWAP and I am excited to work on it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Projects

I can't believe Valentines Day is this Saturday already. I started on this little owl a couple weeks ago but finished tonight by sewing the banner. Now what? Should it be a magnet? Or perhaps a pin?
This weekend I made these two little softies. This one is my favorite of the two but I do think they both need some feet.

Tonight Emily and I started on her Valentines for her class and I started on gifts for the girls. Hopefully I can get them done in time!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Home on Wednesday.

Myriah isn't feeling well today so I am home with her. I hate that she is missing school after being out for a week because of the storm but I can't send her to school with a fever. Both Myriah and Clay are having a great time playing World of Warcraft so this is the first chance I have had with the laptop. Here are a few projects I wanted to put on here.
Above is a small composition notebook for my purse that got a makeover.

Little bug magnets are fun to make.

More images.

This picture is my favorite picture. The sun made the ice covered trees look like blown glass.

Beauty and the Beast

This was the most beautiful storm I have ever seen. Truly a winter wonderland. I had never experienced freezing rain before moving to Missouri and this storm was truly unique. For thirty six hours mother nature graced us with a variety of frozen delights.
We lost power on Tuesday and regained it on Saturday. The first two days we read books, took naps, and played Uno by candlelight. By Thursday we were cold and ready to get out of the house. We have all electric and our water is from a well which means no heat, no water, and no way to get to town. Luckily the Sheriff's department came to our rescue and took us, Sophie (my sweet Yorkie), and the cockatiels (Pedro and Lola) safely to town. We went to my parents house and had the best shower and hot meal ever! The town took quite a beating. Trees snapping like toothpicks sounded like gunshots and the damage is everywhere. My thoughts go out to those who are still without power.
For us, these are the images we chose to hold on to.