Monday, April 20, 2009

April Craft Challenge! Woo Hoo!

Boy, it's amazing how a few craft supplies can stir up your imagination. I joined Christ's Craft Challenge and it was really a great experience. First thing I thought to make with the given supplies was a frog. A frog with one of those bags on stick (is there a name for this bag?) playing a fiddle, holding a sign that says, "Will play for Flies." No- how about a small doll with a green jumper dress holding a small frog softie? No. No. What about a mamma bird feeding her babies? YES! The burlap would be perfect for a nest!

What great fun and I was amazed at the creative process I went through, and the ideas I know have for future projects. ( I would still like to make the doll with the dress, holding a frog softie. Should she be made out of paper clay or material?)

Anyway, if you like my Mamma Bird, vote for me at . Now I know why bloggers get into photography, these photos don't catch the charm of the cute little babies! Oh! There is a clothespin on the bottom of the nest so that it can easily be attached on a branch.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


The dying of Easter eggs this year was so much fun. Kim, a friend at work, had recently seen on Martha about silk dying eggs and came to work so excited. At lunch she found a couple of silk outfits at the thrift store an was nice enough to cut them up and give me some.

Didn't they turn out beautiful! We didn't use eggs from our chickens, they are lovely all on their own.

Both girls received a cashmere bunny, I used the pattern from Betz White. So cute! had the cutest pencil topper patterns and the softie peeps pattern from

Emily didn't mind the rain and wasn't going to let it ruin her hunt.
Emily found all but three of the eggs, Sylvia found those! Mom and dad spent the day with us which is always Nice.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mini Easter Swap

These are some pictures of the items I made for the Mini Easter Swap. Myriah took the pictures for me. (Along with a picture of herself- love you!) There is also a picture posted at

Sophie looks pretty comfy!

Easter Egg Swap

This is the set of eggs that I sent in for the swap. (I love the nests, I should have taken a better picture of them.) These are the eggs I received; aren't they beautiful! I love them! I used the "Happy Easter" idea for my egg I did for the Mini Easter swap.

Thank you to the creators of my wonderful eggs! Stop by anytime!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Sophie

This is my Sophie. We have 4 dogs. Two Lab mixes, a Shiba Inu and Sophie. I love all of our animals but.... I LOVE SOPHIE! She is just wonderful. (Other than the lack of consistency with pottying outside.) Sylvia, our black Lab, is such a mama. (She reminds me of Nana, the dog on Disney's Peter Pan.) She likes to give Sophie a nice bath everyday. This is what Sophie looks like after her baths. Hahaha I love it. Sophie will walk around so proud that she just had a bath from her mama.

Oh I love that face! I'm ready for my close up!

She gets a real bath weekly but this is the look she prefers! Haha She makes me smile!

What a Wonderful Nothing Day!

I took the day off today. Woo Hoo! Much needed. My plans were to get some very necessary housework and organization done. So far, it's been a very lazy wonderful day. I am so behind at posting pictures on here. I am going to try and catch up.
Myriah and her friend each had Baby Think it Over last weekend. They both did a great job.
Isn't the apron so cute! I am having so much fun with the swaps.
Mike seems to be having a great trip so far. We enjoy reading his blog but miss him. He is so brave, I wish I had some of his adventure and bravery.

Last weekend I did get some crafting in but only completed my crafts for the Easter Swap. I will post the pictures as soon as my partner receives them. I did receive my swap from

Thank you! I love it all! The egg is especially adorable!

I have been playing around with polymer clay. Fun Fun. My question is, how do you know when its cooked enough? My goal is to get a metal clay start up kit this year. So- I figure I need to practice all I can. Fortunately, I have found that I love it. Polymer clay, and especially Paper Clay.

It doesn't look like much but the joy it gives me is truly odd! It's like therapy, only cheaper and it works.haha I hoping to get a lot of therapy accomplished this weekend. (and housework!)