Sunday, April 19, 2009


The dying of Easter eggs this year was so much fun. Kim, a friend at work, had recently seen on Martha about silk dying eggs and came to work so excited. At lunch she found a couple of silk outfits at the thrift store an was nice enough to cut them up and give me some.

Didn't they turn out beautiful! We didn't use eggs from our chickens, they are lovely all on their own.

Both girls received a cashmere bunny, I used the pattern from Betz White. So cute! had the cutest pencil topper patterns and the softie peeps pattern from

Emily didn't mind the rain and wasn't going to let it ruin her hunt.
Emily found all but three of the eggs, Sylvia found those! Mom and dad spent the day with us which is always Nice.

Happy Easter!

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The Smith's said...

cool idea foe egg dying, i want to try it.