Monday, April 20, 2009

April Craft Challenge! Woo Hoo!

Boy, it's amazing how a few craft supplies can stir up your imagination. I joined Christ's Craft Challenge and it was really a great experience. First thing I thought to make with the given supplies was a frog. A frog with one of those bags on stick (is there a name for this bag?) playing a fiddle, holding a sign that says, "Will play for Flies." No- how about a small doll with a green jumper dress holding a small frog softie? No. No. What about a mamma bird feeding her babies? YES! The burlap would be perfect for a nest!

What great fun and I was amazed at the creative process I went through, and the ideas I know have for future projects. ( I would still like to make the doll with the dress, holding a frog softie. Should she be made out of paper clay or material?)

Anyway, if you like my Mamma Bird, vote for me at . Now I know why bloggers get into photography, these photos don't catch the charm of the cute little babies! Oh! There is a clothespin on the bottom of the nest so that it can easily be attached on a branch.

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Christy said...

Great work! Voting will begin on April 23rd so good luck!