Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Twilight girls!

We braved the crowd Friday night at the local Hastings to attend the Twilight Prom. The girls looked great and had a lot of fun. Myriah was Bella and Emily went as Rosalie. I thought my girls would be much older when I took their prom pictures! Myriah won the Bella look alike contest and Emily got quite the applause when her name was called. We got home around 1am and got up the next morning to go to Kentucky for Myriah's Soccer Tournament.

I am not going to lie... I was quite excited to see the movie again! Oh, I am going to be reading the series again.


The Smith's said...

That is really cool, who threw this"prom" ??? I just watched the movie for the first time last night!

Michelle said...

The local bookstore had quite the party for all the Twilight fans. (myself included!) Have you read the books? They are wonderful!