Friday, August 28, 2009

Good finds at the Sale Barn!

Look at the goodies I found this morning!! I really needed something to display necklaces on and look at this!! For $2 I have the beginnings of a beautiful display!!
Look at the lovely hankies! Again, $2 for all and I have special plans for the box they came in. (It's a secret for now!)
WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! I have been wanting an old printers tray! Why? Hmmmmm. I am not quite sure. I guess I need to be on the look out for miniatures as well as making some. Any other fabulous ideas? Sitting beside it is another display for jewelry that needs a little work.

And the best part is this trunk! It also needs some attention but what a find for $10!! Don't you think?! Has anyone redone one like this? I would like to see the results. I am off to work.....

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Little Lovables said...

wow those are some great finds!