Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life is good...

Since my camera is out of commission I have recruited Myriah as my photographer. This is two of the necklaces that I made for a birthday present. I love making nests and birds out of just about any material. The wire nests make such fun pendants, earrings, magnets, brooches, and my favorite is the rings! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The second necklace has a pendant with a map of Guatemala sandwiched between a piece of clear glass and a piece of colored glass on the back. I hadn't soldered in awhile and need to get more practice, but it was fun working with the glass again. I made several pieces of jewelry a couple years ago with glass and solder and I loved it. I made this one because Erin, who is also involved with WATW, went to Guatemala to visit the area that will be receiving the school supplies and funds from the Project Guatemala fundraiser. *I am receiving a box today with handmade items from the Mayan women of that area today! All of the profits from the jewelry and such goes to the children. The added bonus is that by buying the handi-craft items, these women get to stay home with their children instead of working in the coffee fields and get $1-2 for a 12 hour shift. For more information check out http://www.writearoundtheworld.org/ or email me and I can show you the goodies!!
I wonder if there is help for my Crafter's Attention Deficit Disorder (CADD)? If there is maybe I wouldn't have so many started projects that need finishing. Like a papier mache duck with no eyes or the, oh so cute, apron made from a toddlers dress that is 90% complete? The list goes on. I guess if there was a cure I would be overwhelmed with how productive I can actually be and maybe even find my niche, my calling card if you will. But honestly, how fun would that be to work with one material at a time, completing projects and being so organized that I would have a thriving business of my own? Nah, I will stick to my doll that still needs her hair, the jewelry that is just about finished, and the ideas that fill my dreams instead of my craft room. Life is good!

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