Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birdbath re-do

I have meant to mosaic this birdbath for quite awhile. Being the lazy being I am lately, instead of cutting the glass if decided to use the white beans and pintos I had in the kitchen. What do you think? The star burst masterpiece is Emily's work. Wish I would have had her glue it done. I still need to pour the lacquer over the beans but I am afraid I will ruin it. So for now it will stay a unfinished project.


Christy said...

This is such a great design and a clever idea! Love it!

I'd be scared to using the lacquer, too.

vivian said...

Hi Michelle, I almost missed you and didnt add you to my halloween swaps! I dont see an email from you. please email me right away if youre still wanting to join this swap, as Im assigning partners tonight. hope to hear from you soon!
hugs and thanks